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Villa Memoir

The radio: “This is the story of a lover. One who has been separated from his beloved. One who spends his entire life seeking his love. He climbs mountains, traverses deserts, survives thunderstorms, nothing turns him from his chosen path.” You change the station. The gates open. A narrow road meanders through picturesque landscape. You lose sight of the sunset behind the berms on each turn of the road. The road ascends towards infinity, something like a hilltop. Through the glare, you spot a minimalistic volume in the horizon. Or were there two? You lose them again. The radio turns itself on: “He remains hopeful for a genuine revelation of his lost one and gradually withdraws from everything except his longing for the beloved.” You continue driving towards the edge. “You have arrived at your destination”. It’s quite surreal. You step on the ground cover that continues towards the edge. You have the sunset, the valley and the lake on one side and the two masculine volumes rising from the feminine landscape on the other side. You are right! You are standing on the roof of the house! Welcome to Villa Vista! A sculpture imbedded in the nature. We have proposed to cut the top of the hill, place a 20,000 square feet minimalistic glass box that overlooks the lake, and to rebuild the hill onto the top of the house. You will find the entrance through a large pedestrian ramp that descends towards the main entrance of the house. The house is designed in 2 separate parts that are connected via a glass foyer. Each side of the house is accessible by a separate driveway leading to a 15 car parking space. When there is a large party of more than 30 cars, visitors park their vehicles on the hill, and use the ramp towards the entrance courtyard.

Type: Villa Memoir
Location: Ontario
Area: 20,000 Sq.Ft.
Budget: 20 M
Client: Undisclosed
Collaborators: Blackwell Structural Engineers, Schollen and Company, Omega Engineering

32 Sousa Mendes Street,
Toronto, Ontario,
Canada, M6P 0B2
+1 416 838 5599


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