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Hurricane Katrina initiated a global architectural discourse on the role of adaptive design in planning and response to large scale natural disasters. Responding to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Floating UNIT proposes a self-efficient dwelling unit that will withstand natural disasters and high water levels equal to Hurricane Katrina.  


The Floating UNIT is a modular unit of living that sustains its own water and power needs. The minimalist characteristic of the design provides the ability to adapt to various geographical environments; it can survive hurricane and floodwaters of east coast US to frequent river floods in Central Asia. The Floating UNIT uses affordable construction methods and can be built with indigenous construction materials.  


The modular units can be assembled to create a larger footprint according to the spatial need of the end user. The mass of the building is resistant to extreme weather patterns ensuing the structural integrity. The Floating UNIT is a dwelling unit which has the potential of serving other functions such as leisure accommodation or shelter, floating events or a floating cottage.   

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